The House Of Wallerstein

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The House Of Wallerstein

The history of the Princes of Oettingen-Wallerstein dates back almost 900 years. The Family stems from one of the oldest noble lineages in Germany. As early as 1147 Ludovicus de Oettingen had the honour to carry the prestigious “Count” title. One of themost interesting and extravagantmembers of the family was Prince Ludwig (1791-1870). He was King Ludwig I’s InteriorMinister and played a leading role on Bavaria’s political stage.

Today, the Princely House of Oettingen-Wallerstein is among one of the oldest existing noble houses in Europe and has had close economical and cultural ties with the Bavarian “Ries” region for centuries. His SereneHighness, PrinceMoritzOettingen-Wallerstein is the Family’s current patriach. He is married to Princess Lioba, formerly Princess zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg. They have three children, Prince Carl-Eugen, Prince Ludwig-Maximilian, and Prince Friederich-Alexander. Prince Carl-Eugen, the first born, is in charge of the Wallerstein company holdings.

Wallerstein Motto

Emblazoned in the Family crest are the words “Vigilantia et Fidelitate” – “Attention and Trust” which is the Princes’ heraldic motto. Tradition and innovation sum up the driving forces of the House and paves the way to secure the future for the generations to come. Today, the House’s charitable culture trust is responsible for the century long tradition of supporting the arts and culture.

One of its main duties is the preservation of the House’s historical treasures and the work involved inmaking it accessible to the public.